Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 month checkup

So we took Mr. Gavin to the Dr. Monday and he is progressing very good. When he was born he was 7lbs 1 0z and now he is a whopping 11lbs 2 oz! Dr. said, "Jessica, y'all are doing great with him but he is a little on the petite side for his age," but then turns around and says,"he's progressing in his weight good by gaining like a lb a month." HUH???? So, needless to say dr asked how many times does he eat? I responded "well he eats every 4 hrs so i guess about 5 to 6 times a day." Well Jess, I think you need to feed him an extra bottle." Well how can I do that when he sleeps through one of his bottles at night! HELLO!!! So I then preceded to ask about putting him on cereal. Dr says,"SUURREEE! and try it with a spoon!" What! I can't believe it something we get to do different. So after all that poor baby got his shots which one of them he was not happy about. Gah it kills me when he is like that. I got out of the dr's and rushed to the nearest Wal-Mart to grab cereal, bowls, and spoons. We got home and being so excited about doing something new I fixed his cereal and of course with having a bad day and not feeling good because of the shots he did not like it at all! Well we tried yesterday and he did better and was actually swallowing some of it but we cheat and put his "binky" in his mouth to help him learn to swallow. This was the outcome... of course it takes mama and daddy to do the task....

He is becoming more and more independent everyday! Playing with toys... sitting in his bimbo... and now trying to be a big boy and eat off of a spoon!


  1. The binky-while-eating is a good idea! It must have been hard to get a picture of that while doing it!!

  2. Awww there's the cutie pie! Damn he is just too adorable!

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